Get To Know The Diversity Of Indonesian Culture From Devdan Show


Bali is famous as a center of entertainment and a thick culture, many traditions from the age of the ancestors are still maintained until now. Devdan Show is a place that holds a spectacular show in Bali, you can also get a high-energy visual tour in the form of culture and diversity in Indonesia. This unique show lasts about 90 minutes, you can enjoy four times a week located at the Nusa Dua Theater in Bali near the Bali Collection and the bay of Nusa Dua. You will be focused on the cultural diversity of the archipelago, from Java, Bali, Sumatra, Kalimantan and Papua equipped with special effects, traditional dance, and acrobat.


The combination of modern and classical culture

Besides the uniqueness and diversity of traditional dance, music, and costumes. Devdan Show also combines contemporary music and “hip hop” dance, making the show very dynamic and entertaining audiences of all ages not limited to gender. Actually, for the Devdan Show story itself, starting from two small children joined in a tour group in Bali, they feel bored and plan to travel alone. This show can be your one of theĀ family things to do in Bali.

Until finally these two children separate themselves from the group and climb the cliff, they unconsciously find a treasure chest containing unique items. This box will later bring these two young explorers into an exciting story, displayed with stunning scenes on the stage. Each episode is made alive with sophisticated props, and complementary ornaments such as fireworks, laser shows, light, and music. The core of Devdan Show is to showcase the culture of the islands in Indonesia entitled “Harta Karun Kepulauan”.

Memorable Cultural Shows

In addition to the stunning appearance of traditional dance, you will also be pampered with visual effects from giant traditional dolls, artificial rain, fireballs, illusions, lighting, rotating stages and Javanese Joglo wooden houses of the original size. You can see this show from the action of Kudos who went to the dance group with the main cast, they danced optimistically throughout the one and a half hour show. The end of the show will feature two main characters named Dhana and Deca who are ready to entertain the audience with graceful flying dances in the air, hanging in dizzying heights using silk scarves. At the end of the show, you have to prepare a camera to take several photos together with the players and crew outside the auditorium. Are you interested in watching Devdan Show? Take it easy, you can order tickets for this unique show through Wandernesia official website, choose between three categories of seats with VIP seats consisting of luxury leather sofas with the most strategic viewpoints.