3 Things to do in Japan : This Place Look More Beautiful in Winter


Have you ever thought about spending your winter in Japan? many things that you can do experience in a Japanese winter. Enjoy winter illuminations in Tokyo or Nabe Ryori’s winter food. Winter has a sensation of pleasure and happiness for travelers who want to go to Japan. Here are 3 things to do in Japan and places to visit in winter!

1. Sapporo Snow Festival

Sapporo Snow Festival is one of interesting place to visit in japan in winter. This Located in three areas of Odori Park, Susukino District and Tsudome. The Sapporo Snow Festival is Japan’s largest wintering event that takes place regularly since the 1950s. There are you will find a variety of sculpture works of ice that is very diverse, ranging from small to size as big as the house.

One of the best spots to get a beautiful view is visiting the Sapporo TV Tower which is located at east of Odori park. In the Odori garden we can enjoy food and drink typical of Hokkaido. The second place are Distric Susukino, here we can see 60 works made of snow that has the theme of enjoy the ice and ice sculpting contest. The last area is Tsudome, there is a very enjoyable snow game like snowmobiles, bomber ball, snow raft, etc.

2. Shirakawa- Go

Shirakawa Go is one of the best places in Japan. Shirakawa-Go is located in the mountain and valley areas of Shogawa River. One of the things that attract tourists is the local residents’ houses are still in the form of a traditional house or called gassho-zukuri.The traditional house on Shirakawa Go has over 100 years of age. Many things to do in Japan in Shirakawa-Go, you can stay at Minshuku, soaking in Onsen or going around Shirakawa village. If you want to go to Shikawa-Go, You can take by bus from Kanazawa.

3. Playing Sky in Niseko

Niseko is located in the island of Hokkaido and a popular tourist spots in Hokkaido. Hokkaido is one of the snow islands that became heaven to do ice skating. Many activities can be done when visiting Niseko, such as playing ice skating and going to Oyonuma hot water lake. There are several places to play the sky in Niseko, one of the sky place in Niseko is Niseko Gramd Hirafu sky resort. Niseko Gramd Hirafu sky resort is The largest sky palace in Niseko. The entrance ticket of 4,700 yen for 8 hours and 4,000 yen for 5 hours. The price does not include sky equipment rental fees and gondola tickets. Several other sky resorts around Niseko are Niseko Village Sky Resort and Niseko Annupuri Sky Area. Playing sky in Niseko will be your choice when you go to Japan in winter.